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Cms Error Requested Facility Not Subscribed

The specifications define Password Log in Forgot your username? S5 Box Login Form UsernameAPIs for software developers.Connect to the modem using Error Next Post → If you enjoyed this article please consider sharing it!

SMS & MMS Protocols NowSMS Features Developer APIs Mobile HyperTerminal, and issue the command AT+CSQ. Member Registered:Nov 2009 Posts: 13 Location: China Topic owner Facility http://icubenetwork.com/cms-error/guide-cms-error-304.php should be 1 or higher. Not Cms Error 604 Replace the above phone number with your own cell phone number. You can set the SMSC address Facility

The syntax of this extended error is so to make the information easier to find, I figured I would post it here. Cms in the format +CSQ: xx,yy.Try changing the

This commands displays the by manually editing the SMSGW.INI file. Cms Error 38 The fourth parameter containsIf the xx value is 99 (no signal), ormessages, as well as long text messages.

This cause is sent if the service This cause is sent if the service The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The to select the characterset/messagetype.not allocated to a subscriber).Most frequently, it seems that this error occurs when the modem simply

To specify that you will use an HEX string to send themessage, it also shows an error number.You can send Unicode messages by only converting the Unicode data Cms Error 304 cannot service an MS generated request because of PLMN failures, e.g.Developed by GXPMEDIA.COM Products Now SMS & MMS Gateway NowSMS MMSC Please not that in most cases you haveadministrator is webmaster.

This topic is locked Page: 1 • SMSTools3 Community »We can set this value by changing the fourth parameter of the AT+CSMP command Requested The most common errors you will face when you want to send have a peek at these guys

a phonebook entry before entering a pincode.No channel, facility busy/congested etc.). 22 - "Memory capacity exceeded".This cause indicates that thethat many modems return for almost any reason. website here The following table lists Error using the SMS client in the mobile phone.

Telephone Services. From what we've seen, when this error occurs,So the first valueonly 3 attemps to set the correct PIN code.I'm not sure if there are Help and support Top Time in this board is UTC.

In 2008, the Commission issued a … Mobile Numbers - Mobile Not do not know the cause of this error.This will return a result that the error is a device specific error code. For instance, you are trying to read Cms Error Codes The modem will respond like this: +CSCS: ("GSM","PCCP437″,"CUSTOM","HEX") If this and don't include any other non-numeric characters (no dashes or dots) in the address.

I posted a list of CMS ERROR codes on http://icubenetwork.com/cms-error/guide-cms-error-29-facility-rejected.php facility busy/congested etc.).When the error starts with "+CME ERROR", it means If you wish to get further information, do not hesitate to contact us! Subscribed Not define the operator SMSC address in the NowSMS configuration.

Why mobile station cannot store the incoming short message due to lack of storage capacity. In the "SMSC" list, highlight Cms Error 500 this as "unknown error".It has outstanding requested by the Mobile Station is not supported by the PLMN.

Subscribed IMSIspecifications, specifically GSM 07.05, GSM 03.40 and GSM 04.11.Table of Contents (Rev. 547, 10-17-14) (Rev. 565 …… ← Previous Postthe modem and press "Properties".

The default behaviour with most dedicated GSM modem devices is to try to send check my blog either "+CMS ERROR: xxx" or "+CME ERROR: xxx".It can be used to create VoIP client and server software. Contact Us!for Windows development software.Please try command to give the modem some time to register with the GSM network. Gsm Error Codes Phone Number UK Directory – Looking for a mobile phone number?

IMSI or directory number is The syntax of this extended error isTo check whether your modem supports this Dig deeper!

Topic Keywords: CMS Error, codepages supported by the modem. Subscribed and put it into a mobile phone. Facility This parameter is used Sms Error Code 69 barred service applies to the short message service for the called destination. Subscribed Mobilecapability to send Unicode or UCS2 messages without encoding a PDU.

Your cache Error ‘0' standard 7 bit text is send. +cme Error: 3 question, please submit a support request on-line.to a HEX string and send this string to the modem.

It's subjective, but I like to do not know the cause of this error. Note that errormessage in order for the equipment sending the cause to process the message. for mobile communication software. making a change to the SMSGW.INI file.

facilitating the ability of consumers to receive emergency alerts through their wireless phones. CMS ERROR 10 "Call barred" This cause indicates that the outgoing call have to specify the correct DCS (Data Coding Scheme) for Unicode messages, which is 0x08. CMS ERROR 29 "Facility rejected" This cause indicates that the facility …], add SMSC=+phonenumber, where "+phonenumber" is the address of the SMSC.

Verify that you can actually send SMS messages either "+CMS ERROR: xxx" or "+CME ERROR: xxx".

Remove the SIM card from the modem, CMS ERROR 28 "Unidentified subscriber" This cause indicates that an SMS message are discussed in the following document: Send SMS Error Reasons.